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"If the heart of an INTERIOR lies in its structural presence, its soul is less tangible. It grows from an understanding of ARCHITECTURE, is shaped by ingenuity and vision and coloured by personal dreams.It reaches beyond construction to the interplay of design and detail, of bold gestures, rich textures and fresh impression. COlOuRis key, unconstrained by convention it creates an architecture of its own. It defines one detail or invents whole new associations. Elements are layered against a backdrop of thoughtful harmonies and rich values all in the presence of furniture and objects that are inspired by a balance of classic authenticity and enduring grace.

The point: Good design transcends the present while praising the timeless!"

John David Edison

Let’s Work Together

130 Queens Quay East, Suite 817 Tower-E, Toronto, Ontario

M5A 0P6, Canada

Tel:  +1 (416) 359-1717

Mob: +1 (416) 464-6467

​Fax:  +1 (416) 359-1715

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